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When to visit the Island of Elba? Discover the best months

THE better months which allow you to explore the Island in the most complete way June and September. In fact, this period is perfect for venturing into the various paths of trekking, for the excursions on the mountains and visits to cellars, than to enjoy the sea and the beaches in absolute tranquility.

In spring you will find an explosion of colors for all the various flowering plants, April and May are the perfect months for nature walks, trekking, bike rides and any other outdoor activity you want to experience.
In summer long sunny days, spectacular sunsets and the scent of the Mediterranean scrub that accompanies you until the beginning of thefall, when you can still swim (usually until November!) and the woods are enriched with mushrooms and chestnuts, the festivals cheer up the villages and outdoor activities such as trekking and mountain biking are ideal.

From spring to autumn, any time is a good time to explore the island, but remember that Elba shows itself in all its splendor out of season!

The Island of Elba is renowned for its crystal clear waters and its multi-coloured beaches, but in addition to this it offers much more: discover all the activities not to be missed on the island!

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